Animal Crossing Pocket Camp analysis. A perfect camping trip

They leave the consoles to visit the smartphones for the first time, and they do it through the big door!, with an endearing, fun and addictive video game that preserves intact the identity signs of what is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. We go camping to tell you in the analysis of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android what makes this title free to play such a special game.

It is difficult to explain why Animal Crossing

It is difficult to explain why Animal CrossingWith a premise of play as seemingly anodyne as it is to walk from here to there collecting fruits, fishing or chatting with animals with no object other than having a good time and, of course, decorating your own house, has reached such heights of success. Let’s try it! I can’t tell you anything else because, honestly, it’s quite an experience. Immersing yourself in this colorful world populated by a motley group of talking animals makes you feel like a child; it takes you right back to your early childhood, and it’s great! You smile, you sigh, you get excited! every time your neighbors remember you; when they bring you a gift, when you buy a new piece of furniture and you make your home a warmer place or, after a lot of effort, you get to capture that butterfly that resisted you so much. And you’re still there, hours and hours repeating the same actions without feeling a bit of boredom.

Nintendo allows us with great creative talent to build a virtual life from which it is difficult to escape and now more than ever, to enter the world of Animal Crossing is available to anyone thanks to the launch of a video game for iOS and Android that does not leave in the Inkwell any of the key features of the franchise. Practically everything you love about her is here, in this free-to-play title that proposes us to go camping.; to build a beautiful space where to live in the middle of nature while sharing experiences with that charming group of animals that it is impossible to love more. And he does it in style, proposing the most interesting challenges that promise to keep us attached to this app for a long time. So yes, mission accomplished!, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a good example of how a traditional video game can adapt to smartphones without losing its identity or, of course, besieging fans with micro-payments, although I do lack the innocence that defines it. It could be said that in this process he has lost part of his soul.

Peaceful life… now in mobile

Peaceful life... now in mobileBuilding a new life is not easy and in this sense, Animal Crossing is one of those time-consuming video games. It’s always been like this. You take a walk in the village, collect resources, talk to the neighbors and something else until the next day! Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Pocket Camp stays true to this philosophy. You come in, you settle in camp, you meet your neighbors… and from there, to repeat over and over again the same actions. Day after day for the usual purpose: create a comfortable home, to your liking, so that more animals will pass by to enjoy the atmosphere by clicking here unlikely other titles in the saga, this time it’s over getting into debt with Tom Nook. In this app we must make our neighbors happy to be rewarded with the precious berries and raw materials that we will later invest to make furniture and other decoration objects.

Apples, cherries, seashells, jureles, squid, beetles, butterflies… or whatever! The inhabitants of Animal Crossing, as capricious as ever, do not tire of asking and it is up to us to satisfy their desires. How I imagine it. Exploring the camp; looking for fruits, fish and insects on the different plots on which this game world is divided. And here comes the time factor into action. Shake a fruit tree and immediately a meter will appear that will mark the hours it needs to bear fruit again. It is not very elegant, it is effective and, it should be remembered, it is also typical of the franchise. However Pocket Camp allows you to speed things up with leaf notes, a coin you receive when meeting challenges or making neighbors happy, but you can also get by buying with Real Money. Abuse? For nothing.

Waiting times, even when you make furniture, are not often excessive. Only big projects require more work hours, but, I insist, it is something typical of a saga that has always played with the concept of the “passing of days”. The problem with this app is that, unlike the cool Animal Crossing: New Leaf by Nintendo 3DS, it doesn’t offer as many alternatives or fun to spend the dead hours with. Fulfilling the wishes of the neighbors, which have a limit per day, will not take too long and, when fishing or hunting insects, has bet on a game mechanics to me seem too simple. Just click on the touch screen at the right time and that’s it! without much challenge or complications. It’s not like I was looking for a brutal challenge at Pocket Camp, but when you take a longer game than usual, you might get a little bored. Don’t panic so fast.

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