For many, virtual reality is almost an invention of the past. A technical innovation ahead of its time that has not finished curbing. However, nothing further from reality, since since the launch of domestic reality systems, games have only advanced and adapted to the needs of the system. The best example of this came to us with Moss some time ago, introducing us into a narrative in an active way, without merely being a mere spectator of the adventure of this little mouse. The next wave of releases for PS VR will continue with this rising quality tonic, and Ghost Giant is the best example.

Their responsibility is the Swedes of Zoink Games

ITS already have a good handful of big games behind them, such as Flipping Death, Zombie Vikings or Stick it to the Man. That is, a group of creators capable of offering something different in almost any genre in which they pose their adventures. In Ghost Giant and NBA 2K19, we are transported to a narrative adventure in which we are the main character of the function, participating in the story as an active element, thereby getting us emotionally involved in what is told to us: the story of Young Louis and his mother. Without wanting to do any kind of spoilers (since the most important thing about this game is its history), we will live almost the day-to-day with reviews and details from  , the NBA game is itself very interesting and for someone who has to grow up in a small town full of anthropomorphic creatures, touching deep themes and adults along the way.

NBA 2K19

In playable terms, Ghost Giant could be categorized as a graphic adventure, in which our hands act as cursors for screen things to happen, only being one more character of the function. A simple way to get into the story that is successful, because soon we will feel attached to the little one and what happens to him. In addition, the duration of the game is just, about 3 hours, with some collectibles (very easy to find) disseminated by each of the chapters. In general, however, you only need to play this game once, although you can choose the chapters independently. The difficulty is quite low, though, without there being too much challenge anywhere. The important thing here is the story of Louis who, by the way, ends up being quite tearful and far from the cartoon aspect of the game.

Interactuámos with the world through the PlayStation Move

By pulling the trigger, we close our hand, by pressing the main button, signal and touch elements of the stage. Additionally, with the main buttons we turn, as our position is static in each of the scenarios, which we see as if we are in the center of a big (and adorable) diorama. We can move our bodies closer to homes, for example, although we have experienced some recognition problems in doing so. Perhaps part of the blame is that the world is as adorable as it is full of details and interesting and sympathetic characters, which makes us want to taste it more eagerly than we should. In short, that Ghost Giant is designed to make us move less than we would like, and if we do, we will have some problem that will get us out of function. This is a limitation of the PlayStation VR that spoils a little the result of and the immersion in general, in the curious narrative of the Ghost Giant. The little price to pay, we suppose.

PlayStation VR

It is also a sound and technically interesting title. It is true that his greatest strength is his artistic direction, but the solidity and good finish of the stage and characters also adds a point in favour of Ghost Giant, even in spite of the technical limitations of the PS4 VR. The soundtrack and the dialogues in English, with subtitles in Spanish, are also at a good level, this time with no’ buts ‘ to put on it. All this forms an interesting proposal at playable level, and even emotional, but with a limited life and certain technical problems. It’s not a bad way to go, to get involved as an active element in stories, but you can go a little further.


Ghost Giant is a narrative adventure that knows how to involve us in everything that counts, although along the way we have to suffer certain technical limitations because of PlayStation NBA 2K19 VR, and we stay with more. However, it is worth experiencing Louis ‘ history and being part of his charismatic and precious world.

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In particular, we show up with Louis crying in pain on the shores of a lake. We will embody an invisible giant in NBA 2K19 who accompanies and interacts with the little one, helping him at specific times as he tries to take care of his orchard and we discover his story. It is a linear and almost mundane story, in which the special thing is that we can interact with the scenario of a thousand and one forms, some of them being simply for fun (as when in London Heist we took the cigar and the lighter and threw them out of the room). We’ll have to clear the way for Louis to advance, plant sunflowers, find objects on stage… All this while the little one goes on with his life, relates to his countrymen and, of course, speaks to us and tells his story. With this we will involving with this little more and more… Diantre, you will even have a secret greeting with the dwarf to become his best friend and most supportive in the moment of extreme loneliness that the little one is living.

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