Halo Infinite could bet on the game

Halo Infinite is a spiritual restart for 343 Industries and promises to bring important changes to the saga, such as a greater emphasis on role elements . Kiki Wolfkill, head of Halo’s Transmedia, has suggested that she could also follow a game model as a service in constant evolution.

“We need to be able to change the content quickly, we can not afford to wait three years each time we launch a new product ” without adapting to new trends, says Wolfkill, who remembers that “the games that children play are changing every week” in reference to titles like Fortnite Battle Royale .

Wolfkill does not elaborate on this comment, but it is believed that it refers to post-launch content or a renewed multiplayer at a higher rate than hitherto.

Halo Infinite still has no release date and will hit Xbox One and PC , although rumors also place it as the launch title of the next Xbox.

The producer wants more women in the development of videogames

Bonnie Ross, director of the 343 Industries study, hopes that the gender gap in video game development will be reduced soon, and encourages all women to participate in the industry.

“At Xbox we intend to give people opportunities to play the way they want to play,” says Ross in 60 Minutes . “And that affects diversity and gender, how you look, the color of your skin, the size of your body, we try to play as you want .”

To achieve this Ross believes that a diverse team is necessary, and for that reason it is important that women participate in the development to give diversity of characters and stories . “Diversity attracts diversity, I think we have a more diverse team than in the past, and I think the team appreciates it, diverse teams create varied products, different thinking and innovation.”

However, still the percentages of men and women are unbalanced: “In many occasions there is still no way to add a woman in a specific position because there are simply no candidates . ”

Ross has revealed in recent days some details of Halo Infinite and curiosities of 343 Industries, such as the possibility of creating Halo 5.5 .

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343 Industries sees Halo Infinite as a spiritual reboot

Halo Infinite will bring many new features to the saga, including a change of engine , role elements and it is rumored that it will also have a version for the next Xbox . Bonnie Ross has revealed to IGN that the team also considers it a kind of restart of the saga.

Ross says that they see Halo Infinite as a “spiritual reboot” that respects the Halo legacy , and claims they have learned from the mistakes made with the Halo 4 multiplayer and the Halo 5 campaign .

343 Industries decided to change the technology of Halo 4 and Halo 5 because it was too technical for the creatives, who had difficulty working with him. “We promised the team that we would work on the tools so that Halo 5 was not such a challenging environment,” but they did not succeed. With Slipspace Engine we have worked to facilitate these tasks in Halo Infinite and the future of the saga.

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