Animal Crossing Pocket Camp analysis. A perfect camping trip

They leave the consoles to visit the smartphones for the first time, and they do it through the big door!, with an endearing, fun and addictive video game that preserves intact the identity signs of what is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. We go camping to tell you in the analysis of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android what makes this title free to play such a special game.

It is difficult to explain why Animal Crossing

It is difficult to explain why Animal CrossingWith a premise of play as seemingly anodyne as it is to walk from here to there collecting fruits, fishing or chatting with animals with no object other than having a good time and, of course, decorating your own house, has reached such heights of success. Let’s try it! I can’t tell you anything else because, honestly, it’s quite an experience. Immersing yourself in this colorful world populated by a motley group of talking animals makes you feel like a child; it takes you right back to your early childhood, and it’s great! You smile, you sigh, you get excited! every time your neighbors remember you; when they bring you a gift, when you buy a new piece of furniture and you make your home a warmer place or, after a lot of effort, you get to capture that butterfly that resisted you so much. And you’re still there, hours and hours repeating the same actions without feeling a bit of boredom.

Nintendo allows us with great creative talent to build a virtual life from which it is difficult to escape and now more than ever, to enter the world of Animal Crossing is available to anyone thanks to the launch of a video game for iOS and Android that does not leave in the Inkwell any of the key features of the franchise. Practically everything you love about her is here, in this free-to-play title that proposes us to go camping.; to build a beautiful space where to live in the middle of nature while sharing experiences with that charming group of animals that it is impossible to love more. And he does it in style, proposing the most interesting challenges that promise to keep us attached to this app for a long time. So yes, mission accomplished!, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a good example of how a traditional video game can adapt to smartphones without losing its identity or, of course, besieging fans with micro-payments, although I do lack the innocence that defines it. It could be said that in this process he has lost part of his soul.

Peaceful life… now in mobile

Peaceful life... now in mobileBuilding a new life is not easy and in this sense, Animal Crossing is one of those time-consuming video games. It’s always been like this. You take a walk in the village, collect resources, talk to the neighbors and something else until the next day! Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Pocket Camp stays true to this philosophy. You come in, you settle in camp, you meet your neighbors… and from there, to repeat over and over again the same actions. Day after day for the usual purpose: create a comfortable home, to your liking, so that more animals will pass by to enjoy the atmosphere by clicking here unlikely other titles in the saga, this time it’s over getting into debt with Tom Nook. In this app we must make our neighbors happy to be rewarded with the precious berries and raw materials that we will later invest to make furniture and other decoration objects.

Apples, cherries, seashells, jureles, squid, beetles, butterflies… or whatever! The inhabitants of Animal Crossing, as capricious as ever, do not tire of asking and it is up to us to satisfy their desires. How I imagine it. Exploring the camp; looking for fruits, fish and insects on the different plots on which this game world is divided. And here comes the time factor into action. Shake a fruit tree and immediately a meter will appear that will mark the hours it needs to bear fruit again. It is not very elegant, it is effective and, it should be remembered, it is also typical of the franchise. However Pocket Camp allows you to speed things up with leaf notes, a coin you receive when meeting challenges or making neighbors happy, but you can also get by buying with Real Money. Abuse? For nothing.

Waiting times, even when you make furniture, are not often excessive. Only big projects require more work hours, but, I insist, it is something typical of a saga that has always played with the concept of the “passing of days”. The problem with this app is that, unlike the cool Animal Crossing: New Leaf by Nintendo 3DS, it doesn’t offer as many alternatives or fun to spend the dead hours with. Fulfilling the wishes of the neighbors, which have a limit per day, will not take too long and, when fishing or hunting insects, has bet on a game mechanics to me seem too simple. Just click on the touch screen at the right time and that’s it! without much challenge or complications. It’s not like I was looking for a brutal challenge at Pocket Camp, but when you take a longer game than usual, you might get a little bored. Don’t panic so fast.

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For many, virtual reality is almost an invention of the past. A technical innovation ahead of its time that has not finished curbing. However, nothing further from reality, since since the launch of domestic reality systems, games have only advanced and adapted to the needs of the system. The best example of this came to us with Moss some time ago, introducing us into a narrative in an active way, without merely being a mere spectator of the adventure of this little mouse. The next wave of releases for PS VR will continue with this rising quality tonic, and Ghost Giant is the best example.

Their responsibility is the Swedes of Zoink Games

ITS already have a good handful of big games behind them, such as Flipping Death, Zombie Vikings or Stick it to the Man. That is, a group of creators capable of offering something different in almost any genre in which they pose their adventures. In Ghost Giant and NBA 2K19, we are transported to a narrative adventure in which we are the main character of the function, participating in the story as an active element, thereby getting us emotionally involved in what is told to us: the story of Young Louis and his mother. Without wanting to do any kind of spoilers (since the most important thing about this game is its history), we will live almost the day-to-day with reviews and details from  , the NBA game is itself very interesting and for someone who has to grow up in a small town full of anthropomorphic creatures, touching deep themes and adults along the way.

NBA 2K19

In playable terms, Ghost Giant could be categorized as a graphic adventure, in which our hands act as cursors for screen things to happen, only being one more character of the function. A simple way to get into the story that is successful, because soon we will feel attached to the little one and what happens to him. In addition, the duration of the game is just, about 3 hours, with some collectibles (very easy to find) disseminated by each of the chapters. In general, however, you only need to play this game once, although you can choose the chapters independently. The difficulty is quite low, though, without there being too much challenge anywhere. The important thing here is the story of Louis who, by the way, ends up being quite tearful and far from the cartoon aspect of the game.

Interactuámos with the world through the PlayStation Move

By pulling the trigger, we close our hand, by pressing the main button, signal and touch elements of the stage. Additionally, with the main buttons we turn, as our position is static in each of the scenarios, which we see as if we are in the center of a big (and adorable) diorama. We can move our bodies closer to homes, for example, although we have experienced some recognition problems in doing so. Perhaps part of the blame is that the world is as adorable as it is full of details and interesting and sympathetic characters, which makes us want to taste it more eagerly than we should. In short, that Ghost Giant is designed to make us move less than we would like, and if we do, we will have some problem that will get us out of function. This is a limitation of the PlayStation VR that spoils a little the result of and the immersion in general, in the curious narrative of the Ghost Giant. The little price to pay, we suppose.

PlayStation VR

It is also a sound and technically interesting title. It is true that his greatest strength is his artistic direction, but the solidity and good finish of the stage and characters also adds a point in favour of Ghost Giant, even in spite of the technical limitations of the PS4 VR. The soundtrack and the dialogues in English, with subtitles in Spanish, are also at a good level, this time with no’ buts ‘ to put on it. All this forms an interesting proposal at playable level, and even emotional, but with a limited life and certain technical problems. It’s not a bad way to go, to get involved as an active element in stories, but you can go a little further.


Ghost Giant is a narrative adventure that knows how to involve us in everything that counts, although along the way we have to suffer certain technical limitations because of PlayStation NBA 2K19 VR, and we stay with more. However, it is worth experiencing Louis ‘ history and being part of his charismatic and precious world.

Image result for GHOST GIANT

In particular, we show up with Louis crying in pain on the shores of a lake. We will embody an invisible giant in NBA 2K19 who accompanies and interacts with the little one, helping him at specific times as he tries to take care of his orchard and we discover his story. It is a linear and almost mundane story, in which the special thing is that we can interact with the scenario of a thousand and one forms, some of them being simply for fun (as when in London Heist we took the cigar and the lighter and threw them out of the room). We’ll have to clear the way for Louis to advance, plant sunflowers, find objects on stage… All this while the little one goes on with his life, relates to his countrymen and, of course, speaks to us and tells his story. With this we will involving with this little more and more… Diantre, you will even have a secret greeting with the dwarf to become his best friend and most supportive in the moment of extreme loneliness that the little one is living.

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The game Battle Chasers: Nightwar by Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira is a reference in terms of videogames being the creative director, among others, of the DarkSiders saga of Vigil Games, in which we accompanied the Horsemen of the Apocalypse through different missions. Now, one more of his works sets course to the world of mobile phones after its passage through the consoles and the PC.

We are talking about Battle Chasers: Nightwar , a title based on his series of comics Battle Chasers and which brings Madureira’s recognizable aesthetic back to the world of videogames. The game was put into circulation last 2017, originally coming to consoles and also to the PC, and now it is heading to mobile phones where it will land for both Android and iOS.

Madureira aesthetics will not be cheap

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a role-playing game with turn-based combat, whose base is the series of comics Battle Chasers by Joe Madureira and which will be brought to mobile thanks to Handy Games . A production company that has in its catalog games like Spellforce: Heroes and Magic, Titan Quest Mobile or Sine Mora EX, among many others.

With Battle Chasers: Nightwar we can fight in turns but also dedicate ourselves to the exploration of caverns and caves. During the game, participants will have to avoid traps and solve puzzles while rescuing each of the secrets and booties that the world created by Madureira hides.

Madureira aesthetics will not be cheap

Promoting of the arrival of Handy Games

Unfortunately, Handy Games is already promoting the arrival of the title to mobile platforms but has not specified a date for it. Yes it has confirmed that it will be available both in the Android Google Play and in the iOS App Store and, as you may have known, it will not be an economic game.

Unlike other bets that have been successful lately, such as free-to-play, Battle Chasers: Nightwar will be a payment game from the start. The first figures speak of a price of 9.99 euros to play, we will finally see what price is marketed. It’s time to wait, therefore, to be able to get a grip on this Nightwar with the Madureira aesthetic that has won so many millions of players.

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Halo Infinite could bet on the game

Halo Infinite is a spiritual restart for 343 Industries and promises to bring important changes to the saga, such as a greater emphasis on role elements . Kiki Wolfkill, head of Halo’s Transmedia, has suggested that she could also follow a game model as a service in constant evolution.

“We need to be able to change the content quickly, we can not afford to wait three years each time we launch a new product ” without adapting to new trends, says Wolfkill, who remembers that “the games that children play are changing every week” in reference to titles like Fortnite Battle Royale .

Wolfkill does not elaborate on this comment, but it is believed that it refers to post-launch content or a renewed multiplayer at a higher rate than hitherto.

Halo Infinite still has no release date and will hit Xbox One and PC , although rumors also place it as the launch title of the next Xbox.

The producer wants more women in the development of videogames

Bonnie Ross, director of the 343 Industries study, hopes that the gender gap in video game development will be reduced soon, and encourages all women to participate in the industry.

“At Xbox we intend to give people opportunities to play the way they want to play,” says Ross in 60 Minutes . “And that affects diversity and gender, how you look, the color of your skin, the size of your body, we try to play as you want .”

To achieve this Ross believes that a diverse team is necessary, and for that reason it is important that women participate in the development to give diversity of characters and stories . “Diversity attracts diversity, I think we have a more diverse team than in the past, and I think the team appreciates it, diverse teams create varied products, different thinking and innovation.”

However, still the percentages of men and women are unbalanced: “In many occasions there is still no way to add a woman in a specific position because there are simply no candidates . ”

Ross has revealed in recent days some details of Halo Infinite and curiosities of 343 Industries, such as the possibility of creating Halo 5.5 .

Image result for halo infinite game

343 Industries sees Halo Infinite as a spiritual reboot

Halo Infinite will bring many new features to the saga, including a change of engine , role elements and it is rumored that it will also have a version for the next Xbox . Bonnie Ross has revealed to IGN that the team also considers it a kind of restart of the saga.

Ross says that they see Halo Infinite as a “spiritual reboot” that respects the Halo legacy , and claims they have learned from the mistakes made with the Halo 4 multiplayer and the Halo 5 campaign .

343 Industries decided to change the technology of Halo 4 and Halo 5 because it was too technical for the creatives, who had difficulty working with him. “We promised the team that we would work on the tools so that Halo 5 was not such a challenging environment,” but they did not succeed. With Slipspace Engine we have worked to facilitate these tasks in Halo Infinite and the future of the saga.

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Videogames, ninjas and samurais. Why are we so looking forward to Sekiro

I have succumbed. A little more than two and a half weeks of the release and many, very much looking forward to March 22, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is officially the second video game I bought this year 2019. A year that is being, for the pocket of the vast majority of users, a real ordeal. Reasons to buy Sekiro there are many. For the vast majority it will be a way to continue the experience of the Souls saga from From Software from another setting.

For my friend and companion Mou, it is as simple as needing to stay alive breathing that air that is the work of Hidetaka Miyazaki made, if not flesh, yes videogame. In my case, and in the case of many of you, El Motivo, what has forced me to make the reservation of the game is that feudal Japan that I miss so much in video games and that NiOh approached me with love but without deepening everything that I would have wanted.

Ninjas and samurais: the pending subject of this generation

After being one of the most obvious inspirations of the game and with a resurgence of success in previous generations, feudal Japan seems to be the great absentee of this latest generation of consoles. From 2013 until now, we have had to content ourselves with a single star title, a NiOh that despite its historical feints has been far from the desire of the most purists and has been saved by a conception of fencing and combat very well captured and a fleeting glance over the shoulder to From Software itself to start from a solid foundation on which to overwrite its way of rethinking a genre that Team Ninja was, years ago, alma mater .

William and Team Ninja are left alone in a scenario in which the blows of the sword still resonate and the sparks of steel shine in memory of titles like Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Shinobido: Way of the Ninja, Ronin Blade, The Way of Samurai, Bushido Blade, Kengo: Master of Bushido and other reinterpretations that what they lose in historical realism they gain in epicidad like Onimusha and, my favorite of all the times, the brilliant Dororo: Blood Will Tell, whose history seems to me starting point of this immortal Sekiro, this one-armed Wolf.

Image result for Sekiro

We needed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

We will speak without fail this month of all the mentioned games. Also of the sleeves and animes after the work that is approaching and whose names we can go forward under titles of international recognition as Lone Wolf and his Puppy, Vagabond, The Sword of the Immortal, Ninja Scroll, Dororo and even Berserk. Because this is the oriental, fascinating and exotic magic of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Miyazaki’s surrender to his own culture , to the history and legends of his ancestors, far away from Lovecrafts, western medievals and black knights.

There are several reasons to reserve Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice but in truth, if we think about it, this is like The Legend of the Ring: they all come down to a single motif , forged in the fire of the hype entrails to red hot to join them to all and plunge them at your will. A will that is the need, the almost obligation to see how From Software has grown, how they are going to take advantage of everything they have learned to give us not only a game with their seal of quality or their particular way of doing things, but also a work in the one that finally faces its own culture to approve, surely with a note, the subject that this generation had pending. The one of these ninjas and samurais that so much we wanted and I am sure that they will achieve not only fulfill our desires, but also to resurrect, facing the next generation, a genre as necessary as beautiful and evocative.

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